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IE Wallpaper Skins Tutorial

How to use IE Toolbar Wallpaper Program

STEP 1     Download free IE Toolbar Wallpaper Program  Here
*Scroll down to where it says 'Internet Explorer 5 Toolbar Wallpaper
(You can download it to desktop or any other folder you want in my documents....
just remember where you put it.  I keep mine in a folder I created called 'downloads'. 
For save to path = Mydocuments/downloads/nameof_filedownloaded)

STEP 2     After program downloads, let Installation Wizzard Install the Program
(Click on the file you just downloaded called 'tbwlpapr'
It should automatically install the program in the right place on your pc in the IE folder)

STEP 3    Click on your desktop Internet Explorer Icon to open a new IE Window
(you dont have to be online to do this)

STEP 4    On the IE window you just opened, click on 'Tools' in the upper toolbar
On the dropdown menu, click on 'Toolbar Wallpaper'
Choose  a Wallpaper from your .bmp files listed and click 'ok' 
Close the IE Window
Open a new IE window....and have a fresh new look!!!

Choose a Toolbar Wallpaper
This window will open for you to choose your image file from

Now.....if you really want things to look nice,
you'll need to change the colors on your IE
toolbar and Window's scheme to match your
skins.  To learn how to do this, click on the
link to my Window's Color Scheme tutorial:

Windows Color Scheme Tutorial

*To share my graphics or glitters, please direct people to my webpage:

Auburn Angel's Graphics

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